Beyond Conflicts

Author: Luca Arcari
ISBN: 9783161551444
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It cannot be doubted that there were various ways of interaction between different groups in Graeco-Roman Egypt, as a number of more or less recent regional studies have further reinforced. And as is well-known, Egypt emerges as a sort of exception in the study of ancient cultures and religions, providing scholars with the possibility of relying on a great number and variety of documents. The main goal of this volume is to interactively explore the diversity of documentary material. In socio-cultural terms, such an analysis corroborates the image of Egypt as a pervasive cultural system where for many centuries different elites coagulated themselves around a number of standard modalities to produce "cultural" and "religious" micro-systems. This shows that people, even when different languages and textual practices survive, respond to specific modalities of cohabitation under the umbrella of this hegemonic cultural "field."

Beyond Conflict

Author: Peter R. Breggin
Editor: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312123314
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An explanation of the common principles of conflict resolution on every level discusses self-help, psychotherapy, and family therapy and discloses the impact and origins of guilt and anxiety.

Beyond Neutrality

Author: Bernard Mayer
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780787974060
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In this thought-provoking, passionately written book, Bernard Mayer—an internationally acclaimed leader in the field—dares practitioners to ask the hard questions about alternative dispute resolution. What’s wrong with conflict resolution? Why aren’t more individuals and organizations using conflict resolution when they have a problem? Why doesn’t the public know more about it? What are the limits of conflict resolution? When does conflict resolution work and when does it not? Offering a committed practitioner’s critique of the profession of mediation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution, Beyond Neutrality focuses on the current crisis in the field of conflict resolution and offers a pragmatic response.

Living Beyond Conflict

Author: Syed Abidi
Editor: African Books Collective
ISBN: 9970822012
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Always Be Tolerant Organization (ABETO) was established and registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation in June 1996. The inspiration was in pursuit of the Commonwealth conference resolution to embrace tolerance. Through seminars, conferences and colloquia on national and international peace related issues, tolerance and conflict resolution the organisation with the aim of reaching a wider audience published this book which focusses on tolerance. With contributions from eminent academics, politicians and social leaders some of the topics discussed in the book are: Peace And Tolerance Education; Tolerance As A Major Pillar In The Observation Of Human Rights; The African Family Crisis Vis-a-vis The Growing Intolerance among the Youth Of Africa; Tolerance as a Pre-requisite to Sustainable Development and Conflict Resolution; Print Journalism In The Promotion Of Societal Values; Victims And Perpetuators Retribution and Rebellion In West Nile Region Of Uganda.

Islam Beyond Conflict

Author: Azyumardi Azra
Editor: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754670926
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This volume explores the extent to which moderate Indonesian Islam is able to assimilate leading concepts from Western political theory. The essays explore how concepts from Western political theory are compatible with a liberal interpretation of Islamic universals and how such universals can form the basis for a contemporary approach to the protection of human rights and the articulation of a modern Islamic civil society.

Beyond Conflict And Reduction Between Philosophy Science And Religion

Author: William Desmond
Editor: Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9789058671172
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While much attention has been devoted to the conflicts between religion and science in the modern age, less rarely has sufficient attention been devoted to the complex interplay between religion, science and philosophy. This book offers a set of wide-ranging essays in which the interplay between all these three is the explicit focus of attention. The essays reflect a desire to think of this interplay in terms other than conflict and reduction. The book also represents a pluralism of approaches to reflection on this interplay. Part I represents a more idealistic orientation in which religion, philosophy and science are seen to enjoy a complementarity. Part II formulates the interplay more from the standpoint of process philosophy. Part III explores the issue with primary emphasis on the contributions of science. In Part IV the essays reflect a desire to take the religious on its own terms, and explore the interplay with philosophy and science with the proper seriousness solicited by these terms.

Beyond Frozen Conflict

Author: Thomas de Waal
ISBN: 9781538144176
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This book is the first to give an up-to-date account of all five unresolved conflicts of the post-Soviet space in Eastern Europe in an analytically consistent manner.

Displacement Beyond Conflict

Author: Christopher McDowell
Editor: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 1845459830
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There is growing political concern about the increasing numbers of people displaced both within the borders of their countries and internationally. This volume explores the interrelated drivers of contemporary global displacement with a particular focus on low-level conflict, climatic and environmental change and infrastructure development. The authors examine the governance of global displacement assessing the protection needs and responses of national governments and the international community. It further considers options for improving the humanitarian and political management of this growing problem.

Beyond Conflict And Containment

Author: Milton J. Rosenberg
Editor: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412818056
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Conflict Resolution Beyond The Realist Paradigm

Author: Philip Gamaghelyan
Editor: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 3838270576
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Conflict Resolution holds the promise of freeing approaches and policies with regard to politics of identity from the fatalistic grip of realism. While the conceptual literature on identity and conflicts has moved in this alternative direction, conflict resolution practice continues to rely on realist frames and acts as an unwanted auxiliary to traditional international relations. Perpetuation of conflict discourses, marginalization, and exclusion of affected populations are widespread. They are caused by the overreliance of conflict resolution practice on the binary frames of classic IR paradigms and also by the competitive and hierarchical relationships within the field. Philip Gamaghelyan relies on participatory action research and collective autoethnography to expose patterns of exclusion and marginalization as well as the paradoxical reproduction of conflict-promoting frames in current conflict-resolution practice applied to the Nagorno-Karabakh and Syrian crises. He builds on the work of postmodernist scholars, on reflective practice, and on discourse analysis to explore alternative and inclusive strategies with a transformative potential. The IR discipline that has dominated policymaking is only one possible lens, and often a deficient one, for defining, preventing, or resolving contemporary conflicts wrapped in identity politics. Other conceptual frameworks can help to rethink our understanding of identity and conflicts and reconstruct them as performative and not static phenomena. These transformative frameworks are increasingly influential in the conflict resolution field and can be applied to policymaking.

Black And Brown In Los Angeles

Author: Josh Kun
Editor: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520275608
File Size: 16,14 MB
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Black and Brown in Los Angeles is a timely and wide-ranging, interdisciplinary foray into the complicated world of multiethnic Los Angeles. The first book to focus exclusively on the range of relationships and interactions between Latinas/os and African Americans in one of the most diverse cities in the United States, the book delivers supporting evidence that Los Angeles is a key place to study racial politics while also providing the basis for broader discussions of multiethnic America. Students, faculty, and interested readers will gain an understanding of the different forms of cultural borrowing and exchange that have shaped a terrain through which African Americans and Latinas/os cross paths, intersect, move in parallel tracks, and engage with a whole range of aspects of urban living. Tensions and shared intimacies are recurrent themes that emerge as the contributors seek to integrate artistic and cultural constructs with politics and economics in their goal of extending simple paradigms of conflict, cooperation, or coalition. The book features essays by historians, economists, and cultural and ethnic studies scholars, alongside contributions by photographers and journalists working in Los Angeles.

Beyond Conflict

Author: Robert Lawrence Balzer
Editor: Indianapolis : Bobbs-Merrill
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Local Residents Perceptions Of Protected Areas In Nepal

Author: Terilyn Delphi Allendorf
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The Political Economy Of Armed Conflict

Author: International Peace Academy
Editor: Lynne Rienner Publishers
ISBN: 9781588261724
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Globalization, suggest the authors of this collection, is creating new opportunities - some legal, some illicit - for armed factions to pursue their agendas in civil war. Within this context, they analyze the key dynamics of war economies and the challenges posed for conflict resolution and sustainable peace. Thematic chapters consider key issues in the political economy of internal wars, as well as how differing types of resource dependency influence the scope, character, and duration of conflicts. Case studies of Burma, Colombia, Kosovo, Papua New Guinea, and Sri Lanka illustrate a range of ways in which belligerents make use of global markets and the transnational flow of resources. An underlying theme is the opportunities available to the international community to alter the economic incentive structure that inadvertently supports armed conflict.

Beyond Conflict In Burundi

Author: Gaudens Philip Mpangala
File Size: 26,20 MB
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The Transformative Role Of Conflicts Beyond Conflict Management In National Parks

Author: Iokiñe Rodriguez
File Size: 50,92 MB
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Beyond Confrontation

Author: John A. Vasquez
Editor: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472065547
File Size: 51,97 MB
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An interdisciplinary approach to the politics of peace

National Cultural And Ethnic Identities

Author: Jaroslav Hroch (ed)
Editor: CRVP
ISBN: 9781565181137
File Size: 63,53 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Local Politics And National Policy

Author: Ken Victor Leonard Hijino
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317265610
File Size: 36,47 MB
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This book is about why and how central and local governments clash over important national policy decisions. Its empirical focus is on the local politics of Japan which has significantly shaped, and been shaped by, larger developments in national politics. The book argues that since the 1990s, changes in the national political arena, fiscal and administrative decentralization, as well as broader socio-economic developments have led to a decoupling of once closely integrated national and local party systems in Japan. Such decoupling has led to a breakdown of symbiotic relations between the centre and regions. In its place are increasing strains between national and local governments leading to greater intra-party conflict, inter-governmental conflicts, and more chief executives with agendas and resources increasingly autonomous of the national ruling party. Although being a book primarily focused on the Japanese case, the study seeks to contribute to a broader understanding of how local partisans shape national policy-making. The book theorizes and investigates how the degree of state centralization, vertical integration for party organizations, and partisan congruence in different levels of government affect inter-governmental relations. Japan’s experience is compared with Germany, Canada, and the UK to explore sources of multi-level policy conflict.