Homosexuality And The Politics Of Truth

Author: Jeffrey Satinover
Editor: Baker Books
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A Christian psychiatrist examines the latest research, refuting the alleged genetic basis for homosexuality and assessing the social power homosexuals have gained.

Homosexuality The Occult Health And Psychological Dimensions

Author: Gabriel Agbo
Editor: Tektime
ISBN: 8893983753
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Is homosexuality good or evil? What is the origin of this sexual preference and its implications on the society? Was this in the original plan of God (nature)? Who is actually behind it and for what purpose? Are the gays and lesbians truly lured and trapped by unseen forces? And what will be its effect on the presence and coming generations? What are the views of Christianity, Islam, traditional religion, etc, on the issue? How dangerous are Anal and Oral sex – any health risks? Can they result in anal and oral cancers and several other infections? Is homosexuality an occult practice? All these questions and more are what we will be trying to proffer answers for in this book. Same-sex relationship is actually not new to humanity, but has for some time now been in the global consciousness, especially with the systematic approval given to it by western leaders in the guise of human rights, gay rights, minority rights, coalition movements, etc. In fact, some of the leaders and their puppet organizations not just preach it, but bully other nations into accepting and promoting same. They promise aids, grants and other developmental assistance as compensation. Why are they so obsessed with this and whose agenda is it? In this work we will try to compress our very objective, discussions in the following electrifying, illuminating and informative seven chapters: The Gay Rebellion, In the Beginning, The Occult Dimension, The Health Implication, The Psychological Effects, The Avoidable Consequences and What Should We Do? These are truly very informative discussions, facts that will help you make a valuable decision whether to be involved in homosexuality or not. The decision will be entirely yours! PUBLISHER: TEKTIME

Biological Exuberance

Author: Bruce Bagemihl
ISBN: 9781861971821
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Lavishly illustrated and meticulously researched, filled with fascinating facts and astonishing descriptions of animal behavior, Biological Exuberance is a groundbreaking book that explodes the myth that homosexuality is not frequently found in nature. Photos throughout.

Before Homosexuality In The Arab Islamic World 1500 1800

Author: Khaled El-Rouayheb
Editor: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226729909
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Attitudes toward homosexuality in the pre-modern Arab-Islamic world are commonly depicted as schizophrenic—visible and tolerated on one hand, prohibited by Islam on the other. Khaled El-Rouayheb argues that this apparent paradox is based on the anachronistic assumption that homosexuality is a timeless, self-evident fact to which a particular culture reacts with some degree of tolerance or intolerance. Drawing on poetry, biographical literature, medicine, dream interpretation, and Islamic texts, he shows that the culture of the period lacked the concept of homosexuality.

Homosexuality In Islam

Author: Scott Siraj Al-Haqq Kugle
Editor: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 9781851687015
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Homosexuality is anathema to Islam – or so the majority of both believers and non-believers suppose. Throughout the Muslim world, it is met with hostility, where state punishments range from hefty fines to the death penalty. Likewise, numerous scholars and commentators maintain that the Qur’an and Hadith rule unambiguously against same-sex relations. This pioneering study argues that there is far more nuance to the matter than most believe. In its narrative of Lot, the Qur’an could be interpreted as condemning lust rather homosexuality. While some Hadith are fiercely critical of homosexuality, some are far more equivocal. This is the first book length treatment to offer a detailed analysis of how Islamic scripture, jurisprudence, and Hadith, can not only accommodate a sexually sensitive Islam, but actively endorse it.

Sociolegal Control Of Homosexuality

Author: Donald J. West
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0306471426
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Despite the gains made by gay rights movements throughout the world, there are still areas in which homosexuals and their relationships are targeted as immoral and criminal. Sociolegal Control of Homosexuality, a comprehensive, up-to-date examination of governmental and religious reaction to issues of sexual orientation in regions - such as Asia and the Middle East - not often covered in English language publications, includes: a sampling of international legislation, both proscriptive and liberal the effects of fundamentalist religious movements new scientific information concerning the origin of sexual orientation, and much more! £/LIST£


Author: Edward T. Welch
Editor: Resources for Changing Lives
ISBN: 9780875526836
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?Homosexuality is the hot issue of the day, ? says Edward T. Welch in this booklet. ?Even more than abortion, it will confront the church throughout this generation, forcing us to listen, study, and respond wisely.? How can we answer claims that the Bible does not prohibit committed homosexual relationships? Or that science proves that homosexuality is genetic, not a chosen lifestyle? Welch supplies us with timely biblical and biological insight into homosexuality. Just as importantly, he calls us to examine our attitudes in order to minister to homosexuals truthfully, compassionately, humbly, and persuasively.

Art And Homosexuality

Author: Christopher Reed
Editor: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195399072
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This bold, globe-spanning survey is the first book to thoroughly explore the radical, long-standing interdependence between art and homosexuality. It draws examples from the full range of the Western tradition, including classical, Renaissance, and contemporary art, with special focus on the modern era. It was in the modern period, when arguments about homosexuality and the avant-garde were especially public, that our current conception of the artist and the homosexual began to take shape, and almost as quickly to overlap. Not a chronology of gay or lesbian artists, the book is a fascinating and sophisticated account of the ways two conspicuous identities have fundamentally informed one another. Art and Homosexuality discusses many of modernism's canonical figures--painters like Courbet, Picasso, and Pollock; writers like Whitman and Stein--and issues, such as the rise of abstraction, the avant-garde's relationship to its patrons and the political exploitation of art. It shows that many of the core ideas that define modernism are nearly indecipherable without an understanding of the paired identities of artist and homosexual. Illustrated with over 175 b/w and color images that range from high to popular culture and from Ancient Greece to contemporary America, Art and Homosexuality punctures the platitudes surrounding discussions of both aesthetics and sexual identity and takes our understanding of each in stimulating new directions.

Roman Homosexuality

Author: Craig A. Williams
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199742011
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Ten years after its original publication, Roman Homosexuality remains the definitive statement of this interesting but often misunderstood aspect of Roman culture. Learned yet accessible, the book has reached both students and general readers with an interest in ancient sexuality. This second edition features a new foreword by Martha Nussbaum, a completely rewritten introduction that takes account of new developments in the field, a rewritten and expanded appendix on ancient images of sexuality, and an updated bibliography.

Homosexuality And Psychoanalysis

Author: Tim Dean
Editor: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226139371
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Why has homosexuality always fascinated and vexed psychoanalysis? This groundbreaking collection of original essays reconsiders the troubled relationship between same-sex desire and psychoanalysis, assessing homosexuality's status in psychoanalytic theory and practice, as well as the value of psychoanalytic ideas for queer theory. The contributors, each distinguished clinicians and specialists, reexamine works by Freud, Klein, Reich, Lacan, Laplanche, and their feminist and queer revisionists. Sharing a commitment to conscious and unconscious forms of homosexual desire, they offer new perspectives on pleasure, perversion, fetishism, disgust, psychosis, homophobia, AIDS, otherness, and love. Including two previously untranslated essays by Michel Foucault, Homosexuality and Psychoanalysis will interest cultural theorists, psychoanalysts, and anyone concerned with the fate of sexuality in our time. Contributors: Lauren Berlant Leo Bersani Daniel L. Buccino Arnold I. Davidson Tim Dean Jonathan Dollimore Brad Epps Michel Foucault Lynda Hart Jason B. Jones Christopher Lane H. N. Lukes Catherine Millot Elizabeth A. Povinelli Ellie Ragland Paul Robinson Judith Roof Joanna Ryan Ramón E. Soto-Crespo Suzanne Yang


Author: Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
Editor: SAGE Publications, Incorporated
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What does social science research tell us about homosexuality? Does this knowledge affect public policy? Despite scholarly research, homosexuality continues to be the subject of an intense, and often bitter, debate. This volume summarizes academic knowledge about homosexuality and its relevance for public policy. Topics addressed include the nature and causes of sexual orientations; the reasons homosexuality is not an illness; the ethics of various mental health approaches to homosexuality; the effects of social and legal discrimination; newer biological and psychological understandings of homosexuality; homosexuals as parents; and the implications of the AIDS epidemic.


Author: Jeffrey T. Robideau
ISBN: 9780970458834
File Size: 56,73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book breaks open and explains the teaching of the Catholic Church as it is presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It teaches: What is homosexuality, The distinction between acts and attraction, The morality of homosexuality and The means to become chaste and holy.

A History Of Homosexuality In Europe Vol I Ii

Author: Florence Tamagne
Editor: Algora Publishing
ISBN: 0875863574
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Just crawling out from under the Victorian blanket, Europe was devastated by a gruesome war that consumed the flower of its youth. Tamagne examines the currents of nostalgia and yearning, euphoria, rebellion, and exploration in the post-war era, and the b"

Critical Conversations

Author: Tom Gilson
Editor: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 0825443962
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Christian parents need to be prepared to answer the myriad challenges teens might hear in today’s increasingly pro homosexual culture. “Why shouldn’t gays get married?” “Who says gay sex is wrong?” “Does the Bible actually say there’s anything wrong with homosexuality?” “Don’t you care that kids are being bullied just for being themselves?” To start the discussion, Gilson provides a brief history of the issues beginning with the sexual revolution of the 1960s. He explains how and why cultural attitudes have reversed on this subject in such a short timespan, leaving Christians scrambling for answers. This is perhaps the most complicated and contentious issue Christians face in today’s culture. Most churches are poorly equipped to handle it; parents are even less prepared. The good news is that parents need not have pat answers ready before they dive into conversations with their teens and preteens on this difficult topic. Learning together—parents struggling through these issues alongside their kids and leading them to biblical answers— has relational benefits. Answers are important, though, so manageable, nontechnical answers to common questions surrounding this issue are provided, as well as a guide to further resources.

Psychopathology And Psychotherapy In Homosexuality

Author: Michael W. Ross
Editor: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780866564991
File Size: 64,10 MB
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An up-to-date review of the full range of affirmative treatments and therapies for lesbian and gay clients.

Homosexuality Power Politics

Author: Gay Left Collective (Great Britain)
Editor: Allison & Busby
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Love Stories

Author: Jonathan Katz
Editor: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226426167
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The author uses diaries, letters, newspapers, and poems to explore intimacy between men before the words "gay" and "homosexual" dominated the landscape. Reprint.

History Of Homosexuality In Europe And America

Author: Wayne R. Dynes
Editor: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780815305507
File Size: 42,42 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book re-prints various essays on gay history from around Europe and America. Includes one essay in German and one in Italian.

Historical Perspectives On Homosexuality

Author: Salvatore J. Licata
Editor: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780917724275
File Size: 73,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Traces the reactions of various societies towards homosexuality, and looks at the development of the Gay Rights Movement

The Mental Health Professions And Homosexuality

Author: Jack Drescher
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780789020598
File Size: 62,86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Get a unique insight into the attitudes of mental health professionals working outside the United States! The Mental Health Professions and Homosexuality: International Perspectives examines historical and contemporary attitudes toward homosexuality in the theory and practice of mental health professionals working in Europe and Asia. Edited by two noted authors, educators, and practitioners, Drs. Vittorio Lingiardi and Jack Drescher, the book's unique insights are an important step in keeping pace with current international mental health literature about homosexuality. The Mental Health Professions and Homosexuality addresses the relationship between psychiatric institutions and homosexuality; the history of current theoretical frameworks for thinking about homosexuality; the emergence of an international gay, lesbian, and bisexual psychiatric movement; and how changes in psychoanalytic theory and practice both mirror and are influenced by the changing legal and societal status of homosexuality. The Mental Health Professions and Homosexuality: International Perspectives asks three questions of practitioners working in China, India, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, and the United Kingdom: 1) what are the prevailing theoretical models about homosexuality found in professional literature in your country; 2) what is known about the actual clinical experiences of gay and lesbian clients; and 3) what is the status of openly gay and lesbian mental health practitioners in your country? The responses reveal insights on a variety of topics, including: the changing views within British psychiatry a survey of German psychoanalytic institutes regarding their admission policies toward gay and lesbian applicants a detailed review of anti-homosexual biases in Italian scientific literature from 1930 to present the struggle for civil rights of the Chinese tongzhi community the emergence of gay and lesbian civil rights in India efforts to open the World Psychiatric Association and the International Psychoanalytical Association to gay and lesbian mental health professionals The Mental Health Professions and Homosexuality: International Perspectives provides first-hand perspectives on how different cultures have created different ways to view homosexuality and different ways to include—or exclude—gays and lesbians from social and public health policy. The book is an essential resource for psychiatrists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, physicians, social workers, anthropologists, and historians.