I Met Lucky People

Author: Yaron Matras
ISBN: 9780241954706
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For centuries Romani Gypsies have been seen either as romantic nomads, or as unwanted outsiders. Who are they, really? Linguist Yaron Matras, who has spent years working with the Roma, gives the first comprehensive account of their culture, language and history, shattering the myths that surround them. 'Absorbing . . . almost everything we imagine we know about Gypsies is wrong.' Margarette Driscoll, Sunday Times 'Fascinating, compassionate and knowledgeable . . . Yaron Matras is an authority.' Melanie McDonagh, Evening Standard 'An ancient and rich culture, immaculately researched.' Peter Stanford, Observer 'Romani history is unseen and unrecognised. Matras synthesises what facts we have to create a visible, compelling record.' David Morley, Independent

I Met Lucky People

Author: Yaron Matras
Editor: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141970278
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Their own origins myths put them at the scene of the Crucifixion, deprived of a home of their own, doomed to a life of wandering, and granted by God the right to steal from other people in order to survive. In the Middle Ages, it was believed they had come out of Egypt. And yet their language shares a number of words with Greek, and has its roots in India. So who are the Romani people, really? As one of the last remaining societies in the Western hemisphere with a strictly oral culture, the Romani people have no written record of their history that can be consulted. From the early 1990s, linguist Yaron Matras has been working with the 'Rom', as they call themselves, one of a handful of people to have done so. Travelling widely in central and eastern Europe, studying their language and learning their dialects, he has witnessed their campaign for recognition. In I Met Lucky People Matras gives us the first comprehensive account of their culture, language and history. It is a story of the echoes of a rich past left in language and customs, and of how the changing fortunes of Europe throughout the centuries have been imprinted on Romani culture. The Romani people are a nation like few others: without territory, national sovereignty or formal institutions, and with no tradition of agriculture or ownership of land. As the wider global society that surrounds them struggles to define itself, what will become of the Roms? Unlike other groups who have won a measure of inclusion in recent decades, they have struggled to have their voice heard. If they are to have a future, it is time we brought our thinking about them out of the dark ages and into the modern world. Yaron Matras is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Manchester, and Editor of the journal Romani Studies. His involvement with Romani issues began in the advocacy and civil rights arena. Matras was media relations officer to the Roma National Congress from 1988-1995, and founding editor of RomNews, one of the very first advocacy information services on Romani issues. He has worked closely with the Open Society Institute's Roma programmes, is a founding member of the European Academic Network on Romani Studies, and has led several large-scale research projects on Romani language and culture, including an international research consortium on Romani migrations. He is the author of over a dozen books and numerous chapters and articles on Romani language and culture, and speaks the Romani language fluently.

Two Lucky People

Author: Milton Friedman
Editor: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226264158
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This "rich autobiographical and historical panorama" ("Wall Street Journal") provides a memorable and lively account of the lives of the Friedmans: their involvement with world leaders and many of this century's most important public policy issues. 26 photos.

Secrets Of Lucky People

Author: Steve Gillman
Editor: Secrets of Lucky People
ISBN: 9781432722364
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There are people who seem to lead a charmed life. They seem to almost stumble into success, They have opportunities open up for them all the time. Things are handed to them, they win in the stock market, they find their dream job, and get married to their ideal partner. These are perpetually unlucky people. Most of us are somewhere between these two extremities. We may never really know why, or whether there is something to be done. There is! That's why this book was written.

The Lucky Ones

Author: Erik Dyreborg
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595249906
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The Lucky Ones is a collection of stories gathered from the wartime experiences of a few US airmen who served in the 8th Air Force Bomb Groups in England during WWII. The stories in this collection, narrated by the airmen themselves, recount the harrowing adventures the airmen endured in their most trying missions over Europe. These are stories of encounters with enemy fighters, struggles to control flak-damaged planes, grueling crash landings, and desperate bail-outs from burning planes. Many airmen, fortunate enough to survive these experiences, were captured by the Germans once on the ground. Their treatment at the hands of their captors is painfully re-told here. Miraculously some airmen managed to evade captivity and escape the Germans, sometimes as an entire crew. In the course of the war, more than 30,000 young Americans lost their lives over Europe. As one airman said: “The real heroes...were the many...who died in combat.” These are the stories of other heroes who survived what seemed certain death. These are the stories of The Lucky Ones.

Roll Models

Author: Richard Holicky
Editor: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412040221
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"I thought life was pretty much over." Paul Herman "I was afraid people wouldn't see me for who I still was." Cathy Green "I didn't need this to be a better person." Susan Douglas "I wasn't sure I wanted to live 'this way.'" Kevin Wolitzky The above four people and 49 more just like them went on to find high levels of success and lead satisfying lives. Together they tell 53 stories of moving forward to meet all the challenges, fears, obstacles, and problems common to the life-altering circumstances after spinal cord injury, and doing it without benefit of wealth, large settlements or solid health coverage. Ranging in age from 21 to 67, disabled from three to 48 years they share 931 years of disability experience. Roll Models is a valuable new resource for recently injured people and their families, and for nurses, therapists, psychologists and all other professionals who treat, work with and care for people with spinal cord injury. Straight from the horse's mouth, survivors explore their experiences with disability and answer many questions those in rehab are asking: Early Thoughts What were your thoughts immediately following injury? What were your initial thoughts and reactions regarding SCI and the future? The First Years What were your biggest fears during that first year or so? How did you get past those early fears? Changes, Obstacles and Solutions How much different are you now, compared to how you were before injury? What's been the biggest obstacle? How did you address these obstacles? Finding What Works What have been the most difficult things for you to deal with since injury? What's the worst thing about having an SCI and using a chair? What's been your biggest loss due to injury? Is SCI the worst thing that ever happened to you? Tell me something about your problem solving skills. How do you deal with stress? What do you do to relieve stress? Salvations, Turning Points and More Was there any one thing that was your "salvation" or key to your success? Was there a turning point for you when you began to feel things were going to get better? What personal factors, habits and beliefs have helped you the most? SCI and Meaning Do you find any meaning, purpose or lessons in your disability? Did any positive opportunities come your way because of your injury? What's your greatest accomplishment? What are you most proud of? "A wonderful roadmap with many alternate routes to living and thriving with SCI." Minna Hong, SCI survivor and Peer Support Coordinator/Vocational Liaison, Shepherd Center "Avoids the trap of providing a 'one size fits all mentality' and provides solutions as varied as the individuals used as examples. Accentuates the positives while not sugar coating the difficulties. Essential reading." Jeff Cressy SCI survivor and Director of Consumer and Community Affairs, SCI Project, Rancho Los Amigos "A great resource for people as they venture out into the world, or search for meaning and a deeper, richer life. Filled with examples of real people and their real experiences." Terry Chase, ND, RN; SCI survivor; Patient & Family Education Program Coordinator, Craig Hospital "A wonderful tool for the newly spinal cord injured individual, as well as the therapists and counselors working with them. This certainly hits the mark in capturing important survival strategies." Jack Dahlberg, SCI survivor, Past President of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association "Artfully crafted and organized, Roll Models sensitively portrays life following spinal cord injury. Informative, creative, sensitive, as well as infused with humor and a kind heart. Recommended with my highest accolades." Lester Butt, Ph.D., ABPP, Director of the Department of Psychology, Craig Hospital

The Romani Gypsies

Author: Yaron Matras
Editor: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674744772
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Roms (Gypsies) have lived among Europeans since the Middle Ages and yet still seem exotic to Westerners. Yaron Matras challenges stereotypes that have long been the unwelcome travel companions of this community, and offers a perspective-changing account of who the Roms are, how they live today, and how they have survived in Europe and America.

Weekly World News

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Rooted in the creative success of over 30 years of supermarket tabloid publishing, the Weekly World News has been the world's only reliable news source since 1979. The online hub www.weeklyworldnews.com is a leading entertainment news site.

The Luck Factor

Author: Richard Wiseman
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1446440753
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IS LUCK REAL? Why do some people lead happy successful lives whilst other face repeated failure and sadness? Why do some find their perfect partner whilst others stagger from one broken relationship to the next? What enables some people to have successful careers whilst others find themselves trapped in jobs they detest? And can unlucky people do anything to improve their luck - and lives? Ten years ago, Professor Richard Wiseman decided to search for the elusive luck factor by investigating the actual beliefs and experiences of lucky and unlucky people. The results reveal a radical new way of looking at luck: in many important ways, we make our own luck. If you think you're unlucky, that bad luck may be the direct result of you believing you're unlucky. Wiseman identifies the four simple behavioural techniques that have been scientifically proven to help you attract good fortune. He then shows how you can use these methods to revolutionise every area of your life - including your relationships, personal finances and career.

The Sage Encyclopedia Of Children And Childhood Studies

Author: Daniel Thomas Cook
Editor: SAGE
ISBN: 1529721954
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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood Studies navigates our understanding of the historical, political, social and cultural dimensions of childhood. Transdisciplinary and transnational in content and scope, the Encyclopedia both reflects and enables the wide range of approaches, fields and understandings that have been brought to bear on the ever-transforming problem of the "child" over the last four decades This four-volume encyclopedia covers a wide range of themes and topics, including: Social Constructions of Childhood Children’s Rights Politics/Representations/Geographies Child-specific Research Methods Histories of Childhood/Transnational Childhoods Sociology/Anthropology of Childhood Theories and Theorists Key Concepts This interdisciplinary encyclopedia will be of interest to students and researchers in: Childhood Studies Sociology/Anthropology Psychology/Education Social Welfare Cultural Studies/Gender Studies/Disabilty Studies


Author: David Cressy
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191080519
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Gypsies, Egyptians, Romanies, and—more recently—Travellers. Who are these marginal and mysterious people who first arrived in England in early Tudor times? Are claims of their distant origins on the Indian subcontinent true, or just another of the many myths and stories that have accreted around them over time? Can they even be regarded as a single people or ethnicity at all? Gypsies have frequently been vilified, and not much less frequently romanticized, by the settled population over the centuries. Social historian David Cressy now attempts to disentangle the myth from the reality of Gypsy life over more than half a millennium of English history. In this, the first comprehensive historical study of the doings and dealings of Gypsies in England, he draws on original archival research, and a wide range of reading, to trace the many moments when Gypsy lives became entangled with those of villagers and townsfolk, religious and secular authorities, and social and moral reformers. Crucially, it is a story not just of the Gypsy community and its peculiarities, but also of England's treatment of that community, from draconian Elizabethan statutes, through various degrees of toleration and fascination, right up to the tabloid newspaper campaigns against Gypsy and Traveller encampments of more recent years.

A Better Future

Author: Jacqueline Bhabha
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108752314
File Size: 19,90 MB
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Policy makers, advocates and scholars have long concentrated on the importance of equal access to primary and secondary education as a foundation for a democratic and just society. Despite the growing importance of higher and specialist education in an increasingly technological and skill-focused global market, tertiary education has attracted much less attention. And yet, universities and colleges are epicentres of egregious disparities in access, which impinge on traditionally marginalized communities, such as racial minorities, migrants, indigenous populations, and people with disabilities. By drawing attention to this issue and assembling first-rate material from scholars and policy makers across the globe, this book performs an invaluable service for those interested in understanding and fighting a highly significant violation of educational opportunity and social justice.

Life On The Ridge

Author: John Diller
Editor: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1387517473
File Size: 54,54 MB
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What do No Bullets Bill, Shahn the Singing Aide, Friday from Iraq and Barbie the Paramedic to Be all have in common? They all lead interesting lives AND are residents, employees, management or guests of Pine Ridge of Plumbrook, a retirement facility located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Spanning decades and countries, Life on the Ridge contains the life stories of the interesting people that resident John Diller came in contact with during his two-year stay at Pine Ridge.

The Rights Of The Roma

Author: Celia Donert
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107176271
File Size: 55,24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Explores the evolving human rights of Roma in Eastern Europe's recent history, and the complex politics of Roma rights today.

Realizing Roma Rights

Author: Jacqueline Bhabha
Editor: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812248996
File Size: 65,20 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Realizing Roma Rights investigates the ongoing stigma and anti-Roma racism and documents a growing, vibrant Roma led political movement engaged in building a more inclusive and just Europe.

The Luck Factor

Author: Max Gunther
Editor: Harriman House Limited
ISBN: 1906659958
File Size: 48,91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Singles out the five traits that characterize exceptionally lucky people and outlines a practical program for developing them in oneself.

The Book Of Awesome

Author: Neil Pasricha
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101186917
File Size: 56,97 MB
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Based on the award-winning 10-million-plus-hit blog 1000 Awesome Things, The Book of Awesome is an international bestselling high five for humanity and a big celebration of life’s little moments. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the things that make us smile. With a 24/7 news cycle reporting that the polar ice caps are melting, hurricanes are swirling in the seas, wars are heating up around the world, and the job market is in a deep freeze, it’s tempting to feel that the world is falling apart. But awesome things are all around us, like: • Popping Bubble Wrap • Wearing underwear just out of the dryer • Fixing electronics by smacking them • Getting called up to the dinner buffet first at a wedding • Watching The Price Is Right when you’re home sick • Hitting a bunch of green lights in a row • Waking up and realizing it’s Saturday The Book of Awesome reminds us that the best things in life are free (yes, your grandma was right). With laugh-out-loud observations from award-winning comedy writer Neil Pasricha, The Book of Awesome is filled with smile-inducing moments on every page that make you feel like a kid looking at the world for the first time. Read it and you’ll remember all the things there are to feel good about. A New York Times Bestseller • USA Today Bestseller • Globe and Mail Bestseller • Toronto Star Bestseller • Vancouver Sun Bestseller • Macleans Bestseller • Winner of the Forest of Reading Award

Gypsy Feminism

Author: Laura Corradi
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351403842
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Clumsy stereotypes of the Romani and Travellers communities abound, not only culturally in programmes such as Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, but also amongst educators, social workers, administrators and the medical profession. Gypsy cultures are invariably presented as ruled by tradition and machismo. Women are presented as helpless victims, especially when it comes to gendered forms of violence. The reality, however, is much more complicated. In Gypsy Feminism, Laura Corradi demonstrates how Romaphobia – racist and anti-Gypsy rhetoric and prejudice, pervading every level of society – has led to a situation where Romani communities face multiple discrimination. In this context, the empowerment of women and girls becomes still more difficult: until recently, for example, women have largely remained silent about domestic violence in order to protect their communities, which are already under attack. Examining feminist research and action within Romani communities, Corradi demonstrates the importance of an intersectional approach in order to make visible the combination of racism and sexism that Gypsy women face every day. This concise and authoritative book will appeal to scholars and students in the areas of Sociology, Cultural Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies and Anthropology, as well as Politics, Media Studies, Social Policy, and Social Work. It is also an invaluable resource for activists, community and social service workers, and policymakers.

District Viii

Author: Adam LeBor
Editor: Head of Zeus Ltd
ISBN: 1786692694
File Size: 17,96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Balthazar Kovacs, a detective on Budapest's murder squad, is on the trail of a dead man. Minutes ago, Kovacs received an anonymous SMS showing a body and an address: 26 Republic Square – the former Communist Party headquarters and once the most feared building in the country. But now, amid the ruins of the demolished building, Kovacs finds no dead body, just six members of the Gendarmerie – an elite police force reporting directly to the prime minister – and an invitation to hand over his phone and cease his investigation. Kovacs has taken his first step on a journey deep into Budapest's dark heart, towards a deadly intersection of the criminal underworld, the corridors of power and the ghosts of history. A journey that will force him to choose between the law and family loyalty.

The Nature Of Prejudice

Author: Cristian Tileagă
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1135037345
File Size: 36,87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book offers a critical synthesis of social psychology’s contribution to the study of contemporary racism, and proposes a critical reframing of our understanding of prejudice in European society today. Chapters place a special emphasis on the diversity and intensity of prejudices against Romani people in a liberal, progressive, decent, enlarged Europe. Chapters ask how we can reconcile the European creed of law, justice and freedom for all, with social and political practices that exclude and degrade Romani people. This volume addresses the need for a deeper recognition of societal foundations of ideologies of moral exclusion, and calls for a closer and more thorough investigation of prejudices that stem from the societal transformation, diminution or denial of moral worth of human beings (and the various conditions and contexts that create and promote it). By opening new intellectual dialogues, the book reinvigorates a renewed social psychology of racism, and creates a broader foundation for the exploration of the various, active paradoxes at the heart of the social expression of prejudice in liberal democracies. The Nature of Prejudice is essential reading for academics, researchers and postgraduate students interested in both the quantitative and qualitative study of discrimination, inequality and social exclusion.