Ronin Buddhism

Author: Darren Lamb
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Traditional Buddhism teaches us to take refuge in three things...the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha (those people we practice with). While the Buddha and the Dharma can be found almost anywhere, often times there might not be a Sangha to be a member of. What if there is not one present in your state, or what if it is illegal or dangerous to practice in your area? You may have to practice alone. In the days of the Samurai, there were people called Ronin. A Ronin was a Samurai without a master to serve. Those who practice Buddhism unconventionally might feel a bit like the Ronin, since they don't have a formal teacher and will often times feel alone. Ronin Buddhism is about believing in ourselves to the point where we dare to walk a spiritual path alone. Siddhartha didn't have a Sangha. He ultimately ditched others and went it alone. After all, you're the one who has to sit on the cushion. No one else can reach enlightenment for you. Whether you are a beginner or a reincarnated Lama, this book has something for you. Taking a nontraditional and often silly approach to the practice, Ronin Buddhism will make you think about the practice in new and entertaining ways.

Shinra My Jin And Buddhist Networks Of The East Asian Mediterranean

Author: Sujung Kim
Editor: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 0824881737
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This ambitious work offers a transnational account of the deity Shinra Myōjin, the “god of Silla” worshipped in medieval Japanese Buddhism from the eleventh to sixteenth centuries. Sujung Kim challenges the long-held understanding of Shinra Myōjin as a protective deity of the Tendai Jimon school, showing how its worship emerged and developed in the complex networks of the East Asian “Mediterranean”—a “quality” rather than a physical space defined by Kim as the primary conduit for cross-cultural influence in a region that includes the Yellow Sea, the Sea of Japan (East Sea), the East China Sea, and neighboring coastal areas. While focusing on the transcultural worship of the deity, Kim engages the different maritime arrangements in which Shinra Myōjin circulated: first, the network of Korean immigrants, Chinese merchants, and Japanese Buddhist monks in China’s Shandong peninsula and Japan’s Ōmi Province; and second, that of gods found in the East Asian Mediterranean. Both of these networks became nodal points of exchange of both goods and gods. Kim’s examination of temple chronicles, literary writings, and iconography reveals Shinra Myōjin’s evolution from a seafaring god to a multifaceted one whose roles included the god of pestilence and of poetry, the insurer of painless childbirth, and the protector of performing arts. Shinra Myōjin and Buddhist Networks of the East Asian “Mediterranean” is not only the first monograph in any language on the Tendai Jimon school in Japanese Buddhism, but also the first book-length study in English to examine Korean connections in medieval Japanese religion. Unlike other recent studies on individual Buddhist deities, it foregrounds the need to approach them within a broader East Asian context. By shifting the paradigm from a land-centered vision to a sea-centered one, the work underlines the importance of a transcultural and interdisciplinary approach to the study of Buddhist deities.

It Jinsai S Gom Jigi And The Philosophical Definition Of Early Modern Japan

Author: Jinsai Itō
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ISBN: 9789004109926
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This volume presents the first unabridged translation of Ito Jinsai's (1627-1705) "Gomo jigi" (Philosophical Lexicography of the "Analects" and "Mencius," 1705). It portrays Jinsai as a Kyoto philosopher who articulated a worldview for townspeople in an age of samurai domination.

The Forty Seven R Nin

Author: John A. Tucker
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108614388
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The Forty-Seven Rōnin vendetta is one of the most famous incidents in Japanese history, but it is also one of the most misunderstood. John A. Tucker seeks to provide a credible account of the vendetta and its afterlife in history. He suggests that, when considered historically and holistically, the vendetta appears as a site of contested cultural ground, with conflicts, disagreements, and debates characterizing its three-century history far more than cultural unanimity about its values, virtues, and icons. Tucker narrates the incident as the historical event that it was, within the context of Tokugawa social, political, cultural, and spiritual history, before exploring the vendetta as conflicted cultural ground, generating a steady flow of essays, novels, plays, and ideologically driven expressions intrinsic to the course of Japanese history. This engaging, accessible study provides insights into ways in which events and debates from early modern history have continued to inform developments in modern Japan.

The Sino Japanese War 1894 1895

Author: Tieh Ming Chen
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Arts Of Asia

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Author: Mike Tucker
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First-ever oral history of an entire Marine scout-sniper platoon.

Fish Out Of Water

Author: Jane Tara
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ISBN: 1925860442
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Elite swimmer, Dina McNamara's dreams of Olympic Gold have been derailed. Her gifted sister Mae has graduated high school at just 16 and has planned an around-the-world trip with her three best friends. Their parents agree to let Mae go, but only if 18-year-old Dina goes too. Resentful and broken, but with nothing better to do with her life, Dina boards the plane - first stop Tokyo. Two weeks in the world's most amazing mega-city completely turns Dina's life upside-down. There are new friendships, unexpected opportunities, and a surprising romance. For the first time ever, Dina begins to figure out what she wants, both in and out of the water. But Tokyo is only the first stop on an unforgettable world trip, and as their departure date draws near, Dina must decide whether she can leave Japan, and this exciting new life behind.

The Heart Of The Warrior

Author: Catharina Blomberg
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134240333
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Traces the development of the samurai, both in the way they regarded themselves and their role in society.


Author: Craig Woodfield
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1780968477
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Set in an age of feuding samurai, wandering swordsmen and fearless warrior monks, Ronin is a skirmish wargame that captures the flavour and excitement of such Akira Kurosawa films as Seven Samurai and Yojimbo. Whether they prefer the loyal samurai retainers of a feudal lord or a horde of desperate bandits, players choose from one of several factions and build forces to battle for dominance and survival in 16th-century Japan. They may also recruit swords-for-hire to supplement their forces – masterless ronin, martial arts masters and secretive ninja will lend their skills to any commander who can afford them. A full points system, incorporating a wide range of equipment and skills, allows for detailed customisation of characters, while scenarios and a campaign system permit them to gain experience and develop over time. The fast-paced rules simulate the cut and thrust of hand-to-hand combat and require the player to make tactical decisions in the middle of a fight, immersing them in an era of war.

Buddhist Heritage In India And Abroad

Author: G. Kuppuram
Editor: South Asia Books
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Ibss Anthropology 2003

Author: British Library of Political and Economic Science
Editor: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415354769
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This bibliography, with its sister publications, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology (known together as the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)) is an essential tool for librarians, academics and researchers wishing to keep up to date with the published literature in the social sciences. The IBSS lists journal articles and monographs from all over the world and in over 70 languages, all with English title translations where needed. The new International Bibliography not only maintains its traditional extensive coverage of periodical literature, but considerably extends its coverage of monographic material by incorporating most of that which would previously have been included in the London Bibliography of the Social Sciences, publication of which has now been discontinued.

Sources Of East Asian Tradition The Modern Period

Author: Wm. Theodore De Bary
Editor: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231143233
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In Sources of East Asian Tradition, Wm. Theodore de Bary offers a selection of essential readings from his immensely popular anthologies Sources of Chinese Tradition, Sources of Korean Tradition, and Sources of Japanese Tradition so readers can experience a concise but no less comprehensive portrait of the social, intellectual, and religious traditions of East Asia. Volume 2 covers major events from 1600 to the present, including the initial contact of China, Korea, and Japan with the West; nineteenth- and twentieth-century reform movements in China, along with the Nationalist and Communist revolutions; Korea's encounter with imperialist Japan; and the Meiji Restoration, the emergence of political parties and liberalism, and the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese wars. De Bary maintains his trademark balance of source materials, including seminal readings in the areas of history, society, politics, education, philosophy, and religion, thereby continuing his own tradition of providing an exceptional resource for teachers, scholars, students, and the general reader.

The Early Writings Of Alan Watts

Author: Alan Watts
Editor: Stephen ilwyn
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The Early Writings of Alan Watts: The British Years: 1931-38, Writings in Buddhism in England Covering the early years-from 1931, when Alan was still a schoolboy, to 1938, when he left Britain for the United States-this book includes all the earliest published pieces by Alan Watts. Essays, book reviews, poems, and letters provide a rich chronicle of the development of his thoughts and philosophy.

When Buddhists Attack

Author: Jeffrey Mann
Editor: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462910483
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Uncover the historical truth about Buddhist warrior monks with this informative and enlightening book. Film, television and popular fiction have long exploited the image of the serene Buddhist monk who is master of the deadly craft of hand-to-hand combat. While these media overly romanticize the relationship between a philosophy of non-violence and the art of fighting, When Buddhists Attack: The Curious Relationship Between Zen and the Martial Arts shows this link to be nevertheless real, even natural. Exploring the origins of Buddhism and the ethos of the Japanese samurai, university professor and martial arts practitioner Jeffrey Mann traces the close connection between the Buddhist way of compassion and the way of the warrior. This zen book serves as a basic introduction to the history, philosophy, and current practice of Zen as it relates to the Japanese martial arts. It examines the elements of Zen that have found a place in budo—the martial way—such as zazen, mushin, zanshin and fudoshin, then goes on to discuss the ethics and practice of budo as modern sport. Offering insights into how qualities integral to the true martial artist are interwoven with this ancient religious philosophy, this Buddhism book will help practitioners reconnect to an authentic spiritual discipline of the martial arts.

Sleeping Dragon Rising Sun

Author: Craig Cartmell
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472806611
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China, the greatest empire the world had ever known, is weak and divided after a series of humiliating defeats in the Opium Wars, and the divine Empress' court harbours many who deeply resent the westerners who inflicted and now take advantage of these losses. Japan, on the other hand, has embraced the West with open arms. After centuries of isolation the Japanese now march forwards and accept technologies that, a few decades before, would have been regarded as witchcraft. Possessed of the East's most modern army, Japan now looks avariciously towards its neighbours. The next decade will decide whether the ancient empires of the East survive or are washed away, and every one of the Great Powers wants their slice.

The Revenge Of The 47 Ronin

Author: Stephen Turnbull
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1849084289
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When Lord Kira brought about the death of Lord Asano, he made Asano's loyal samurai into ronin – masterless warriors. These men secretly plotted their revenge and one snowy winter's night, launched an ambitious raid against their enemy's mansion in Edo. What ensued was the fiercest sword battle to have been seen in Japan for over a century. The gates were stormed, Lord Kira was captured and executed, and his washed head placed on Lord Asano's tomb. This title details the background, planning, and execution of this incredible raid, looking at the equipment used by the ronin, the tactics they employed in storming the building, and the dramatic events that followed, as the surviving ronin committed mass suicide – a final act of loyalty and defiance that sealed their legend.

47 Ronin

Author: Dimetrios C. Manolatos
Editor: The Warrior Class
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One of the most difficult things to grasp is that samurai are taught never to allow their emotions to get the better of them. We are born and raised to serve our lord and shogun. Our code dictates selflessness and death to be more honorable than failure, whether on the battlefield or even over the most insignificant dispute. In eighteenth-century Japan, the lord of a samurai clan is sentenced to death for an assault on castle grounds. As dictated by law, the clan must exact revenge on the one responsible for their lord’s death. However due to circumstances, the shogun forbids any such act, placing a band of masterless samurai at odds with themselves and the martial code by which they live and die. After much trial and hardship, the clan does the unthinkable and defies the shogun’s mandate in order to fulfill their duty to their late lord. In doing so, these legendary warriors will be forever remembered for inspiring the Way of the Warrior back into the hearts of their countrymen.

White Collar Zen

Author: Steven Heine
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190289503
File Size: 32,65 MB
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It is said that in traditional Japan the samurai embraced Zen because it helped them to be fearless in adversity, to act quickly and decisively, and to keep focused on their ultimate goal. In White Collar Zen, Steven Heine shows how, by applying Zen principles in our working lives, we can achieve the same results for ourselves. Heine describes the way Zen embraces two different yet harmonious paths. The Way of the Hermit teaches detachment--the mental clarity you need to view your situation dispassionately and impartially, to perceive who is an ally and who is a competitor, to understand what is possible and what is not. The Way of the Warrior teaches the ability to act without hesitation at the proper moment. Together, they can prepare you to meet the challenges of the modern professional world. Heine offers a step-by-step approach to attaining these skills and applying them in daily life. Using real-world examples interwoven with sayings and stories from the Zen tradition, he shows how Zen can help in situations ranging from gaining a deserved promotion to overcoming obstacles that arise from a breakdown in teamwork. He makes it clear that in Zen the path to personal success must be one that values integrity, respects every individual, emphasizes cooperation, and serves the goals of the larger group. Replete with practical advice, White Collar Zen will appeal to many of the same readers who have made The Art of War and The Book of Five Rings so successful. It will certainly fascinate anyone interested in applying Zen principles to achieving professional excellence.

Comparative Ethics In Hindu And Buddhist Traditions

Author: Roderick Hindery
Editor: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.
ISBN: 9788120808669
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The exploratory volume in the new field of comparative ethics serves the diverse goals of groups variously interested in International law and morality, in comparative religious ethical ideals, or simply in cross-cultural literature and drama. The author draws moral ideals from primary Hindu sources--popular and formal, literary and spiritual. The same method is applied for Buddhist moral texts. Introducing method in comparative ethics with a synopsis of Hindu mystical tradition, the author diiscusses in detail ethics in the Rgveda, Upaniisads, Laws of Manu, Ramayana, Gita, other popular classics, poetry, drama, philosophers, and reformers. After summarizing pluralism in Hindu ethiics, the author sketches ethical thought in Mahayana Buddhiist texts. The book contains elaborate notes, two appendices, critical textual matter, a diagram of topical parallels, a bibliography, and an index.