The Real Astrology

Author: John Frawley
Editor: Gardners Books
ISBN: 9780953977406
File Size: 63,34 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 8077

Frawley provides a searching and often hilarious critique of modern astrology, and a detailed introduction to all the main branches of the traditional craft.

The Real Astrology Applied

Author: John Frawley
ISBN: 9780953977413
File Size: 38,23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 1448

Written by a contemporary master of traditional practice, this text elucidates both technical matters and significant points of the philosophy that form the basis of the practical craft of astrology.

Astrology For Real Relationships

Author: Jessica Lanyadoo
Editor: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 1984856251
File Size: 26,23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 5610

A modern, inclusive guide to astrology that will illuminate your love life as well as your relationships with your family, your friends, and yourself. When it comes to friendship, family, and romance, we all want the same things: to love and be loved, to communicate, to fight fair, and to feel okay in our own skin. Astrology for Real Relationships is a modern, practical guide to life's least practical matters--relationships of all kinds and matters of the heart--that will help you understand your blind spots, blocks, and fears so you can make choices that leave you happy and fulfilled. Full of real talk about attraction, dating, sex, frenemies, self-love, and how to deal with family, this book will help you build and maintain strong connections--with your crushes, your spouse, your boss, or your mom--and uncover and get what you really want in relationships, not what you think you should want.

Astrology For Real Life

Author: Theresa Reed
Editor: Weiser Books
ISBN: 1633411141
File Size: 66,32 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 7594

A fun and sassy no-nonsense invitation to the practice of astrology with easy-to-understand tools for self-development and conscious living Astrology books are typically either overly simplistic sun-sign books or overly complicated chart calculations filled with astro jargon. Astrology for Real Life goes beyond simple sun-sign interpretation and at the same time cuts through the complications of horoscope analysis to make understanding your chart in depth, simple and easy. The goal is to make astrology accessible to total newbies and provide a working reference guide for intermediates. The book is presented in workbook format exploring each part of chart interpretation—signs, planets, houses, aspects—with exercises following each chapter and fill-in-the-blank lessons that take the reader through all the just-learned steps. The tone is warm, fun, and personal, and the exercises give the reader experiential hands-on practice. The end result: once you learn the basics in Astrology for Real Life, you can easily navigate the cosmos by making them work for you. It’s kind of like a roadmap where we begin by understanding the terrain and the tools available. From there, the planets will guide you in making brave, excellent choices in love, work, and life. It’s profound, fun, and practical. You’ll learn how to interpret your chart with confidence and use astrology in a practical, proactive way, with no astro excuses (blaming the stars for your issues).

British Journal Of Astrology

File Size: 38,49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Future Of Astrology

Author: A.T. Mann
Editor: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 9781616406448
File Size: 29,61 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 6863

"The Future of Astrology" is a selection of essays written by some of the foremost astrologers in the world today. Topics explored include astrology and scientific research, psychology, biology, and economics; science versus astrology; the professionalism of practitioners; the politics of astrology; the insights offered by esoteric astrology; astrological organizations; astrology as a science; the role of counseling; and astrological predictions about the future of our world.

The Esoteric Astrology Of Tarot

Author: Ann Davies
Editor: BookRix
ISBN: 3748774095
File Size: 10,57 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 9483

In every age and in every country there are always those few individuals who seek more satisfying answers to the great questions of Life than they can find in their local churches and temples or through science. If their quest is sincere and they persist, they will eventually be drawn into contact with one of the world's Mystery Schools, where they may be instructed and trained. There have always been centers, called Mystery Schools, responding to the cry for understanding from aspirants throughout the ages. Today such close secrecy is no longer necessary. Much may now be given out openly which formerly could be imparted only in private and by word of mouth. The greatest secrets, however, can never be transmitted by written or spoken word. That secrecy which guards the deepest esoteric knowledge is not imposed by the custodians of Ageless Wisdom but by human ignorance. It is the kind of secrecy which shrouds the work of great scientists such as Bor, Curie, Einstein, Edison and others. This secrecy does not result from any deliberate withholding but rather from a mass ignorance and consequent inability to understand the concepts and reasoning required by advanced science. The custodians of Ageless Wisdom can no more disclose their knowledge to untrained men and women than great scientists can explain their theories of the universe to children who are still in kindergarten

Astrology Science Of Knowledge And Reason

Author: Ellen H. Bennett
File Size: 67,11 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 2273

Breakthrough Astrology

Author: Joyce Levine
Editor: Weiser Books
ISBN: 9781578633579
File Size: 57,28 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 6140

A recognized astrologer offers an innovative way of looking at astrology from a psychological perspective, providing tools for self-empowerment and self-improvement, with step-by-step guidance on how to get a chart. Original.

Turning Four Hundred Years Of Astrology To Practical Use And Other Matters

Author: George Bayer
Editor: Health Research Books
ISBN: 9780939093281
File Size: 62,83 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 9487

The Astrology Of Seers

Author: David Frawley
Editor: Motilal Banarsidass Publishe
ISBN: 9788120810075
File Size: 13,57 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 4430

Astrology of the Seers is a clear yet comprehensive presentation of Vedic astrology and makes this difficult-to-understand subject clear, practical and relevant. it reveals the deeper implications of the Vedic system in sections on astrology as a spiritual science, astrology and psychology, astrology and yoga. Of special interest, the book explains the cycle of the world-ages (yugas), showing the Vedic view of human history, and the connection of our solar system with galactic sources of energy. Thirty-two example charts of all types are explained including those of many spiritual teachers, covering all the main aspects of its philosophy, background and practice, including chart interpretation and methods of balancing planetary influences such as mantra and gem therapy. The present edition has been throughly revised and updated.

Take Astrology As A Helping Tool In Real Life

Author: Sharad Kumar Soni
Editor: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1434908593
File Size: 62,22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 9230

Astrology Do The Heavens Rule Our Destiny

Author: John Ankerberg
Editor: ATRI Publishing
ISBN: 1937136523
File Size: 74,83 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 675

A thorough analysis of this important subject is badly needed. That is why this book addresses the vital issues of astrology authoritatively & in some depth. It explains the power & influence of astrology; how astrology claims to work; the world view about astrology; the truth about chart interpretation; the alleged evidence for astrology; why astrology works; astrology & the occult. It answers the questions: What exactly is astrology? Do the heavens really influence life on earth? What does the Bible say about astrology? Are astrology & Christian doctrine compatible? Many examples & experiences are shared in this extensive study on astrology.

The Essence Of Vedic Astrology

Author: Krishan Kant Bhardwaj
Editor: Educreation Publishing
File Size: 77,63 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 9536

This book named "The Essence of Vedic astrology" is really the essence of astrology according to its title. It has very useful and important topics on astrology. Each topic is complete in its entirety and efforts have been made to explain the related topic in very simple language with examples and tables, where needed. Attempts has been made to present, analytical discussion of all important topics related to various organs of astrology like horoscope, Muhoorat, Vastu Shastra, dreams, omens, etc... All topics are based on thorough study and analysis of ancient Vedic astrology texts, Hindu mythology and Codes like Saravli, Brihtprashrhorashastr, Brihtjatk, Faldeepika, Hora Ratnam, Jatak Parijata, Prashan Marg, Tajik Nilkanthi, Prashan Chandeshwar, Muhoorat Ganpati, Sarvaarth Chintamani, Brihat Davjtrrnjanm etc. Manglik Dosa, Kaal Sarpa Yoga, wearing of Gems stones etc. Controversial topics are also discussed absolutely. Long practical experience of writer in the field of predictive astrology remained helpful in presenting this book.

Resolving The Controversies Of Astrology And Vedic Astronomy

Author: Sri Harsha Indrasena
Editor: B. S. H. Indrasena
File Size: 31,19 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 4950

How astrology works, Rahu-Ketu, tropical zodiac vs sidereal zodiac, Ayanamsha, Vedic calendar, Chaturyuga and Mahayuga, extra and lost months, Saptarshis calendar, Graha Yuddha, Charakaraka, Saka year, Salivahana Saka, Vikram Smvat, Kali year, Yavanapura, dating Varahamihira, Aryabhatta and Kalidasa, King Vikramaditya and the Indian chronology and many more.


Author: Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1615649166
File Size: 22,19 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 4573

Become enlightened and find out how your stars align When it comes to translating astrological signs and symbols into real-world wisdom, your ignorance is off the charts! But don't worry, things will start looking up once you've brushed up on the basics and learned how to interpret the stars. And The Awakened Life: Astrology will show you how! This brand new edition offers a comprehensive history of astrology, instructions on how to interpret your birth chart, a reference guide for signs, planets, and houses, a unique breakdown of the concept of synastry, and even insightful tips on how astrology can help you with money and personal relationships! Discover the signs, how they relate to one another, and how you can incorporate your newfound astrological knowledge into your everyday life!

Astrology Realized

Author: Nadiya Shah
Editor: Nadiya Shah
File Size: 31,66 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 6917

Astrology Realized: Your Journey to Understanding Astrology introduces you to the foundational knowledge of astrology, ensuring a solid understanding for a lifetime practice. Developing a personal relationship to the cosmos is a vital step to significantly enriching your astrological journey. Regardless of your starting point, roots can always be made stronger and new bridges can be built. Astrology Realized invites you to look above and within to inspire you to develop your own special connection with the sky. This book began as an online course by Nadiya Shah. Student feedback and questions helped to refine the lessons, bringing together some of the most keen areas of interest for the astrology student. Beginning with a historical and philosophical look at astrology, you are encouraged to explore ideas of important astrological thinkers as well as critics so you can better articulate and understand your own reasons for connecting with the sky. By introducing you to exploring your birth chart, Astrology Realized personalizes astrology and brings the cosmos to life. A holistic approach to understanding astrology is emphasized while important astrological concepts are enhanced by accompanying charts and diagrams. Astrology Realized is intended to help you understand the fundamentals of reading charts as well as predictive techniques so you can feel confident and self-aware in your growing practice as an astrologer and enthusiast.

A History Of Western Astrology Volume Ii

Author: Nicholas Campion
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1441107495
File Size: 17,37 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 4600

Astrology is a major feature of contemporary popular culture. Recent research indicates that 99% of adults in the modern west know their birth sign. In the modern west astrology thrives as part of our culture despite being a pre-Christian, pre-scientific world-view. Medieval and Renaissance Europe marked the high water mark for astrology. It was a subject of high theological speculation, was used to advise kings and popes, and to arrange any activity from the beginning of battles to the most auspicious time to have one's hair cut. Nicholas Campion examines the foundation of modern astrology in the medieval and Renaissance worlds. Spanning the period between the collapse of classical astrology in the fifth century and the rise of popular astrology on the web in the twentieth, Campion challenges the historical convention that astrology flourished only between the twelfth and seventeenth centuries. Concluding with a discussion of astrology's popularity and appeal in the twenty-first century, Campion asks whether it should be seen as an integral part of modernity or as an element of the post-modern world.

Astrology For Self Empowerment

Author: Dovid Strusiner
Editor: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 9781567186444
File Size: 18,71 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 6459

What can you do with your astrological birth chart? If you're an astrologer, you learn amazing information about your personality and make predictions. If you're not an astrologer, you can puzzle over the circles and symbols--until now. Astrology for Self-Empowerment by Dovid Strusiner moves astrology to entirely new realms, making this a must for both the astrological expert and those unfamiliar with the science. It takes the basic information from the chart and shows you how to change your life so you can achieve your spiritual and worldly goals easily. The technique starts with the birth chart. If you are an astrologer, you can draw this yourself. If not, the book includes a coupon to receive a free natal chart. Even the postage is paid. The book describes the basic meanings of the sun signs, planets, and more--but that is just the start--Astrology for Self-Empowerment shows that you are not at the mercy of the planets and stars. Instead, you can use their archetypal power to: ·Create the future you want ·Overcome self-defeating subconscious programming ·Create a life that is richer in every way This book shows you how to do this with techniques of self-exploration, visualization, affirmation, invocation, breath work, and working with the gems and crystals associated with the planets and signs. These are tied together in a powerful and easy-to-use program for self-change and empowerment. Examples show you how to do this easily for yourself. Astrology for Self-Empowerment will empower you to change your universe and become what you want to be. You owe it to yourself to get this book. This is a Print-on-Demand title. Please allow an additional 2-3 days for delivery